Option to reset the slider "shift" to 0 [fixed]

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Option to reset the slider "shift" to 0 [fixed]

Postby Pink LD » 30 August 2018, 17:53

Generator has been working fine for me. I am still getting a handle on some of the new Generator features but they all seem to be working. However when I am working with this feature:

Generator – fan pan / tilt
Fan the pan or/and tilt of the fixtures, with only two sliders in the window « Generator fixtures settings »,

It would be nice if there was a reset funtion to re-align to the 0 point if I wish to start again. Also the faders would be nice if they had a visual gradient so I can know how many clicks from center I am, or have at least a gradient mark for the 0 point. Then I could at least reset them to the gradient mark manually.
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Re: V9 Beta 5 Review

Postby TimH » 30 August 2018, 20:34

+1 for reset fan to 0
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Re: Option to reset the slider "shift" to 0

Postby support » 31 August 2018, 07:56

Just double-click anywhere into the slider.
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