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Re: Auto Beat on PC Win 7 [fixed]

Postby thorehl » 02 April 2020, 21:03

Problem here is the software is looking for audio in the "Recording" tab of Control Panel > Sound > Manage audio devices. While the audio you play in the software ends up in the "Playback" tab.
Looping these is an endless feedback loop. That's why Windows isn't allowing this, but there is a third party application that can help you, as it has me.

What this does is loop music/sounds from the Playback device into the Recording device and then back to you pc's soundcard for audio output to speakers. So anything in Windows that generates sound, is routed to CABLE input -> CABLE output -> Soundcard output.

VB-Audio Virtual Audio Device (Free) -

Quick run-down on how to get it working
Install (as administrator)
Reboot Windows
Under "Playback" Tab, set CABLE Input as Default Device
Under "Recording" Tab, set CABLE Output as Default Device
Now, Right-click CABLE Output > Properties > Listen
Check [V] Listen to this device
In the dropdown menu, select you "old" default sound output device.
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