Windows 7 driver xpress 100

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Windows 7 driver xpress 100

Postby eagleeye » 06 February 2018, 15:28

Ive followed all the instructions for installing the driver for xpress 100 but am not having much luck. If i go to update driver and select browse and select the unzipped file it still wont install it.

Any help would be grateful as ive now been trying for oven 2 hours

Thanks in advance
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Re: Windows 7 driver xpress 100

Postby support » 06 February 2018, 23:14

Microsoft changes the encryption algorithm for the digital signature of the usb driver, in the latest Windows 10 version.
Our drivers meet this requirement.
The older Windows versions must be updated to accept this new encryption algorythm, but the Microsoft update process does not always work.

We can not tell more. The situation is different for all. No problem with some, and not working with others.

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