Crashing when playing media files [fixed]

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Crashing when playing media files [fixed]

Postby AJtrib » 23 January 2018, 13:56

Still pretty much a novice, but I have gone from having a 90 min show running perfectly well to it being so irractic I have for the moment stopped using SX at all.
I am Running Showxpress v.8.2.28 - 171113 with Xpress100 dmx cabel. Using laptop Toshiba Satellite, Windows 10 Home Edition (64 bit), Intel Core i5 - 2.5 Ghz, 8GB RAM,
Showxpress crashes upon opening more often than not and then intermittently crashes in the middle of a show or button page set up.
I run the buttons menu, with timelines ans scenes that inc either , mp3 or and mp4 video and the dmx information, the crashes occur with or with out the interface connected.
I think Win 10 is the problem, but on the other hand SX is the only program i am experiencing any issues with?

What can I check to see if its something I have done? Ive last track of which version I originally installed when it all seemed to work fine, and at what update/upgrade it went bonkers and unresponsive

I have exhausted all possibility's I can thank of

All thats left is perhaps go back to WINDOWS 8 ( sorry Mac users Im not an I fan )
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Re: ON Win 10 SX NOT responding / Crashing

Postby support » 23 January 2018, 14:52

In order to know if the problem comes from the Windows media player with the media files, please try the same lightshow without any media file, and let us know the result.

To try without media files, we suggest you to:
- open the folder which contains all lightshows
- make a copy of the lightshow folder
- open this copy in the software
- remove all buttons & timeline blocks which trigger media files
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Re: ON Win 10 SX NOT responding / Crashing

Postby AJtrib » 23 January 2018, 22:57

Based on your prompt reply, I have reverted from the K lite codec pack and back to windows media player as the default media player and on first appearance SX is working in a far more stable manner, I 'll do some more tests and also do as suggested re no media ( but for me that defeats the reason to go SX) I'll let you know how it goes, thank you again for your reply
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