Windows 10 & Screen Control/Videos

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Windows 10 & Screen Control/Videos

Postby Pdr18 » 14 January 2018, 22:45

Anyone had or have any problems with screen control or various videos on screen control where the video has shrunk into a smaller version of its self. Not all videos have done this, only certain ones. I have heard a windows 10 update may have altered this in some way. ?
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Re: Windows 10 & Screen Control/Videos

Postby AJtrib » 25 January 2018, 14:13

I have seen this depending on various ways I have set things up, but you can just click on the video and resize, perhaps once you have the screen size you require resave it, to see if is behaving well ?
I've had many instances of sx no responding or just crashing when video is used, i'm currently just trying to get a whole show to run with just mp3 media.... it seems fine just the dmx data, but once media / mp3/wav/mp4 etc it seems to play up)
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Re: Windows 10 & Screen Control/Videos

Postby support » 25 January 2018, 15:53

Please note that our software just asks the OS to play the media file.
There is lot of different compression formats with a bunch of Codec coming from nobody knows. This increases a lot the chance to get crashes. This is why we suggest to use "K-Lite Codec Pack" ( Our experience says they have serious Codec. Of course, it depends also of how is your media file.
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