USB Drivers Update

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USB Drivers Update

Postby prthnon » 09 September 2017, 02:17

I am using the Xpress512 with my Macbook and it's been connecting/working great.
However, I have a Windows 8 touchscreen and thought how cool it would be to get my "Live" event buttons onto the touchscreen.

So far, no such luck with the manual driver updates.
I have gone through the links above, but the file management/system folders are so foreign compared to my good ol Mac,.. perhaps there is someone here who could point a Mac Noob to a video tutorial, or a line by line simpleton 'how-to'...?

I have downloaded the updated file above and have it on my desktop. Now I just need to know where to put them. I have gone through and found my Device Manager... but when I right-click on the USB thingy there at the bottom, there are (6) USB ports listed, none of which show the Xpress (which is plugged in). When I right-click on those, there is no option for "Update Driver".... There is power getting to the Xpress512, just no PC link. As a side note, my ACER only has 4 USB inputs... so not sure why the Device manager would show 6...

Seems such a waste to have the touchscreen doing nothing.
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