USB driver manual installation

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USB driver manual installation

Postby support » 17 April 2017, 17:07

First of all, if the computer running our software has an internet connection, you do not have to execute the manual installation process. You just have plug the dmx interface and wait for the automatic installation from "Microsoft® Windows Update": topic - USB driver automatic installation

If the computer does not have an internet connection, please follow this
- plug our dmx interface (the "Device Manager" will show an exclamation mark over the icon of the dmx interface which means "USB driver is not installed")
- download* the USB driver from this forum
- proceed to a manual update with the downloaded file: video - USB driver manual installation

* to make things easier in this video, we download the usb driver from the same computer. But because this computer is basically supposed to not have any internet connection, you have of course to download the usb driver from another computer having an internet connection.

Another third party video for manual usb driver installation:
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