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Re: Windows 10

Postby support » 26 February 2016, 08:36

Please try these drivers: http://download.thelightingcontroller.c ...
And let us know the result.
The Lighting Controller
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Re: Windows 10

Postby djeklipse » 05 May 2016, 09:40

So can anyone confirm if ShowXpress is working correctly with Windows 10?
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Re: Windows 10

Postby Earl Harvey » 05 May 2016, 23:03

Working just fine... I held off because I was worried my MIDI Controllers wouldnt work with MIDI OX but its working great!
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Re: Windows 10

Postby musicman90 » 30 June 2016, 21:14

My computer screen freezes when I leave ShowXpress running overnight while unattended. I am using the software for our church lighting system and have left it on continually in the past as our main sanctuary is used frequently. This problem started when the computer updated itself to Windows 10. My former computers including the current one worked fine with Windows 8 and/or 7 while running ShowXpress 7.x. I am currently using 8.1 which causes the freeze the same as with 7.x.

I have to force stop the computer and restart it to use the computer after the screen freezes.

Is anyone else who leaves ShowXpress on continually having similar problems?
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