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Re: Editor App won't open

Postby support » 23 October 2013, 07:58

Please make a zip of the complete folder "TheLightingController2", and post it.
We will check it.
The Lighting Controller
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Re: Editor App won't open

Postby Natasha7899 » 08 September 2023, 06:08

se1jam wrote:I just purchased the DMX 512. I downloaded showxpress and driver from website. the demo show control loaded. I started with the manual to learn the software and did ok until I got to editor app. It would not open. When I click on it I get the cursor circle spin but nothing opens. All other apps open. I'm using Windows 8 on a HP 2000 laptop 4GB ram 2.4.Ghz intel core i3. I uninstalled and redownloaded software but had same results. Do you know of any fixes for this problem? Thanks for any assistance.

You appear to be having trouble with the ShowXpress program on your HP laptop running Windows 8. There may be system requirements or compatibility difficulties preventing the Editor app from launching. Check to see if your laptop complies with the software's minimal specifications and look for any updates or patches from the developer. If possible, try running the program in compatibility mode for an earlier version of Windows. gb whatsappConsider contacting the software's support if the issue doesn't go away for more detailed troubleshooting instructions.
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Re: Editor App won't open

Postby solam1 » 11 September 2023, 14:55

se1jam wrote:I just finished deleting the newest "TheLightingController" folder. I renamed the old folder "TheLightingController2" back to "TheLightingController". The Editor app would not open or show any CPU activity. So I went back renamed the folder to "TheLightingController2". I opened Editor app. Then went to Task Manager and Process the Editor app displayed in Task Manager and showed CPU activity. I closed all windows and went to the desktop then double clicked on ShowXpress shortcut. A box opened and ask if I wanted to open Demoshow. I chose no. It then opened to the Control Board default. I clicked on each app and they all opened. I did not delete the new folder "TheLightingController". AlsoI did not rename the older folder "TheLightingController2". What should I do now.

After performing actions in the "TheLightingController" folders, it appears that the Editor app has been reactivated. Now, you're confronted with choices regarding these folders. What's the best action to take to ensure stability and functionality for your setup?
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