Palettes - need improving please

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Palettes - need improving please

Postby thorehl » 17 October 2021, 20:44

Hi. Working with Palettes is a powerful feature, but is far from user friendly.

Suggestion 1.

The menu button with 3 horizontal lines. The only option there is Palettes. Why not remove the menu button and just have Palettes. When entering palette-mode, take away the horrible red line, and all the un-used buttons. And instead make the gray area around some kind of blue.
Maybe something like this:


Here we have, "Palettes" to enter editor, "Save" and "Exit" (without saving)
Nothing about saving a Step file or anything like that.. Palettes are not Step Files, they are a "setting" in the users perspective.


Suggestion 2.


What on this earth is "Show Levels"? Level 42 ? Does it show my music volume level?
Why can't it just say "Palette selection"?
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Re: Palettes - need improving please

Postby support » 19 October 2021, 08:13

(but too busy with the new major software version for now)
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