[Request] - Morphing

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[Request] - Morphing

Postby TimH » 10 January 2020, 03:02

Hi Support

I was hoping to request a feature to Version 10. Many users have spoken about having a feature like this before, I will explain:

Morphing a fixture would allow you to change the model of a fixture in a showfile, and have all the programming carry over to the new fixture.
For example:
Say you are on a tour, and in one venue you have 4x Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 350s, but another venue has 4x Martin Mac 250 Entours. Rather than reprogram the whole show, by "morphing" the fixture, the programming would carry over and you could use the same showfile for every venue on a tour!

I understand that this would require a pretty fundamental change in the way that the software looks at programming. I believe you've said before this would take it from "fixture based programming" to "channel based programming". Very true.

Essentially my understanding would be the software would look at the two fixture personality files and match up as close as possible based on channel data.
It would find "shutter", "dimmer", "color" etc. channels on both, and subsequently within those channels find the associated ranges (Shutter open, red, etc.), and modify the programming to suit.

I'm not sure if this is too complex a feature for the modus operandi of your software, but for those of us who use the software for tours it would be an absolute lifesaver.

Here's an example from the manual for Chamsys MagicQ, explaining their application of Morphing (see section 7.2.2): https://secure.chamsys.co.uk/help/docum ... /ch07.html
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Re: [Request] - Morphing

Postby support » 13 January 2020, 12:03

Hello Tim,
Thank you for this nice tip with a complete and clear explanation.
Since we prefer to not talk too much about the next major software version, we will talk about that with you by email.
You will receive soon an email from us.
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Re: [Request] - Morphing

Postby dumbfungus » 16 January 2020, 01:55

This is something I would love to see and one of primary reasons I don’t see touring LDs using showXpress
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Re: [Request] - Morphing

Postby dumbfungus » 20 April 2020, 01:08


This opens SX to a lot of new touring folks
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Re: [Request] - Morphing

Postby thorehl » 21 April 2020, 09:47


We've on this forum also called this "cloning a fixture" for the same reasons given.

We have also asked for relative program, instead of absolute for the same reasons. One venue has the fixtures hanging, one have them wall mounted on a pole horrizontal, and one venue have them on risers standing up. If we have relative programming, we could just move the center possition of our movement effect in generator and off we go.
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