Crash when i add a fixture

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Crash when i add a fixture

Postby cburry » 27 March 2019, 02:11


Yes I am running windows, though I don't see how the two don't correlate. We are obviously having the same issue. Furthermore, I can't even upload a light show file because I don't have one. The software crashes the moment I add a fixture. I need this problem fixed as I have a big show tomorrow 3/27/19 that requires the use of this software.
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Re: Crash when i add a fixture

Postby support » 27 March 2019, 07:53

So if we right understand.
- you start from an empty lightshow, you add a fixture (it can be any fixture from the software's bank), and the software crashes
- you do not have any lightshow yet, and you have a big show tomorrow with our software !
Can you please confirm the two points below?

If the answer is "yes", we suggest you first to uninstall the software and delete (or rename) the folder "YourHomeDirectory/TheLightingController/" (this will clean up all software settings and also your lightshows), and make a new complete software install, and try again.

If the problem is still there, in order to know if the problem comes from your computer or from our software, please try on another computer and let us know if the problem is also existing with the second computer.
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