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Icon availability

Postby Nelsound » 12 March 2019, 07:27

Is there something that predetermines which icons appear for any given control? For example: I see the CTO (Color temperature control) icon when I am looking for something else, but when I get to that control channel it is not there. Seems there should be a pool of icons, like an iPhone, that can be added when needed.

And just out of curiosity, when you right click in the name column as if to copy or paste, there is a "strict values" option at the bottom. What is that for?
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Re: Icon availability

Postby support » 12 March 2019, 09:30

When there is an icon with the same name than the level/channel name, the icon is displayed.
For instance:
- in "channel", the name "pan" shows the icon "../YourSoftware/TheLightingController/editor_fixtures_icons/channel/pan.png"
- in "other", the name "pulse_open" shows the icon "../YourSoftware/TheLightingController/editor_fixtures_icons/other/pulse_open.png"
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