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Error message "There is no personality file for this ..."

PostPosted: 23 March 2017, 16:51
by support
There is no personality file for this fixture, so it is removed from the dmx addressing list

This means there is fixture declared in Editor => Steps, and its personality file (.txt) is not in the lightshow.
This might happen if you manually delete or rename a ".txt" file in the folder "home_directory/TheLightingController/Lightshows/YourLightshow/fixtures/".

If you edit the file "home_directory/TheLightingController/Lightshows/YourLightshow/fixtures.ini", you will find lines starting with "model = NameOfYourFixture ".
For instance, if you read "model = RGBparcan", the file "RGBparcan.txt" must be present in the folder "home_directory/TheLightingController/Lightshows/YourLightshow/fixtures/".