Channel Limit for Tilt

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Channel Limit for Tilt

Postby Urs » 30 March 2024, 15:46

Is there a way to set a channel limit and minimum, for example in a fixure or in a step scene? I have moving heads that can make 270 degree tilt movements. But I would like them to only be able to do 90 degrees, for example, starting at 90 degrees. (The degree numbers are just an example). I have tried the offset setting, but it is only possible to adjust one side.
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Re: Channel Limit for Tilt

Postby support » 30 March 2024, 16:46

This is not possible in this version of our software (V9) ; sorry for that.

And this is possible in our new software (VII BETA version). ... ic.php?t=7
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Re: Channel Limit for Tilt

Postby 6ko » 16 April 2024, 20:47


You can play with zoom in the same windows as offset.
Negative zoom will reduce max amplitude, offset will define min amplitude.
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