Fixture channel is no longer working

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Fixture channel is no longer working

Postby tonystw20 » 10 December 2022, 05:03

I have been using Showexpress for years and have a came across a problem I am not sure of how to fix.

I have two Intimidator Spot Duo's, utilizing the 20 channel setting, and they are located on channel 97 and 117. When I set up at an event, I normally utilize these lights across the room and have them more of eye candy, but I program them for each event to hit a mirror ball hanging from our truss. 4 total lights, hitting the mirror ball makes a great effect for the venue! My problem is that the last time I went to program the mirror ball, the first light which is on address 97, the 5th channel on the fixture, or address 101 is not working any longer. So when I try to adjust the slider on that channel, it does nothing. The rest of the channels work fine.

So I started to troubleshoot and so far have been unable figure out what the issue is. I opened a new light show, added the fixtures into the same spot, and they work fine. So I open the light show that had the issue again to see if it had some how fixed upon reboot. It did not.. All of the programs that I had preprogrammed are working correctly, it is just when I try to manually adjust the slider. So I am assuming the the Fixture file is corrupt..

Is there a way to fix the fixture file, or that specific address? Not sure what else to try, any ideas would be great!


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