request - global xy offset

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request - global xy offset

Postby dumbfungus » 13 October 2020, 01:57

When declaring fixtures we can invert Pan and Tilt on the grid screen.

I propose that there should be an option to offset ALL pan and tilt values for ALL fixtures capable of pan / tilt.

For example with mobile set up, fixtures often end up mid-aligned. It would be so much easier to offset pan/tilt values with a fixed number. For example, one scanner may get a global “add 3 to all pan values” and “subtract 6 from all tilt values”

This way, after setting and wiring all fixtures, we could simply recall a known scene (or a scene made specifically for alignment). Adjust X and Y values as I described, and then the entire show looks good.
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Re: Feature request: global xy offset

Postby support » 13 October 2020, 07:08

Yes you are right.
This will be so in the next major version of our software.
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Re: request - global xy offset

Postby Niffo » 13 October 2020, 09:46

You already can offset pan/tilt from the "Fixtures" grid in V9 from "offset / zoom" in the toolbar or in the context menu.
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