Defining a House Lights dimmer?

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Defining a House Lights dimmer?

Postby Patrick Randall » 01 June 2018, 20:57

our church has a 12 channel Lightronics AR-1202rtc dimmer rack for controlling the house lights. It is capable of DMX control. I have attached a D-Fi hub to it and am now trying to add it to my fixtures in Showxpress. Can someone pls point me at how to set it up? I have gone int Fixtures/Add Fixtures/Create New Fixture, put in a name, starting address and number of fixtures. I see it in the "addressing map" page with the start and end addresses ok. I've set the Lightronics to the right starting address.
This is where I'm stuck.
Normally I see the added Chauvet fixture in the 2D map, click it and start editing steps.
I don't see my device in the map.
If I go into edit fixture I see IO can assign dimmers to the channels but that's where I'm stuck.
Kind regards,
Patrick Randall
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Re: Defining a House Lights dimmer?

Postby BartKrap » 01 June 2018, 23:45

Can you add some pictures so we can see exactly what you mean?
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Re: Defining a House Lights dimmer?

Postby JohnRichards » 02 June 2018, 12:39

It would be better to assign 12 parcan fixtures instead od 1 x 12channel dimmer unit. This would allow you see each channel. You can then clone each channel if you have more than 1 light per channel.
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