[Request] Dependant Channels

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[Request] Dependant Channels

Postby TimH » 28 April 2018, 01:07

Hi Support,

It would be great to see a feature whereby a personality file could be programmed with "dependant channel" functions.

What I mean by this is, some fixtures have functions whereby if a particular value is selected on channel, it changes the behaviour of another channel.

For example, take this fixture: http://www.lydlys.com/IRIS-USER-MANUAL.pdf

In standard mode, when Channel 6 is between values 32-47, Channel 7 controls the speed/rate of the pulsing of the shutter. However, when Channel 6 is between values 48-63, Channel 7 controls the speed/rate of the fixture's random strobe function.

At present it is not possible to program a fixture profile to do this (from what I can find). Is this something that could be added in future releases?


Tim H
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Re: [Request] Dependant Channels

Postby support » 28 April 2018, 17:33

The first time we saw that (several years ago), we said manufacturers are becoming crazy. And we concluded we could never manage that without changing deeply our software. So we just did nothing, and then did "wait and see".
Several years later our conculsion is:
- so far, we do not know any other lighting controller taking care of that
- we see less and less manufacturer doing that ; it seems they have understood this is definitely not a wise solution

So our answer nowaday is: we still do nothing.
Sorry for that.
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Re: [Request] Dependant Channels

Postby TimH » 29 April 2018, 01:53

No I think that's fair, I can't stand when fixtures do this either. It's annoying and unnecessary. Just make more channels IMO!

FYI Chamsys can do this function, but it's the only one I've seen.
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