360 Tubes (Bo-Tube192)

ask here the fixture profile you need for Pixels

360 Tubes (Bo-Tube192)

Postby MDMjack » 27 July 2023, 22:32

Hello , can you please please please help me with profiles for this led tube in 12 thru 160 channel mode, i got grey hairs already from this :S
Also all i have for CH list is 2 pics from the book it came with .
Thank you very much i hope you can help
I am not sure if this can be pixel mapped but if it is possible please help with it . thank you very much
bo tube 11 (2).jpg
bo tube 11 (2).jpg (98.77 KiB) Viewed 33272 times
bo tube 22.jpg
bo tube 22.jpg (108.58 KiB) Viewed 33272 times
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Re: 360 Tubes (BO-TUBE192)

Postby support » 01 August 2023, 09:52

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