More than 3 fixtures at the time

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More than 3 fixtures at the time

Postby mads2709 » 17 January 2019, 11:21


I have a some questions regarding whats possible with the Quick DMX Rack.

I have 6 different fixtures.

1 PAR lamp
3 different movingheads
2 light effects.

When I create my scenes In the generator tab, I can only program one fixturegroup at at the time, and then I can only opload 3 scenes to one button at the Quick DMX rack. So I basically only can use 3 of 6 fixture at the time.

Is there a way I can add more than 3 timeline scenes to stand alone, or is there a way I can program different fixtures at the same time in the generator tab?

Looking forward hearing from you.
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Re: More than 3 fixtures at the time

Postby support » 18 January 2019, 09:37

You can load the generated scenes ( ... =70&t=4367) in Steps, and save them under another name. Then you can put these Steps scenes in the timeline in Standalone.

But keep in mind that the dmx interface reads only Steps scenes.
And the conversion process "timeline to Steps scene" is destructive.
This means the result of a second level of conversion may be not accurate enough.

But you can try anyway.
The result will depend of how complex are your scenes.
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