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Connect with Live_mobile

Postby keijzr » 13 April 2023, 07:27

I have a new Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite and like to install the Live_mobile app. But this is no longer available. So I try the web version, but then I get error “Unable To connect To Live (HTTP)”. The setting are all correct, test it with old tablet. Also the “Live Mobile page for web browser without internet connection” is not working. Is it possible to install the Live_mobile app by a other way. Or how I can solve this problem.
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Re: Connect with Live_mobile

Postby support » 13 April 2023, 08:19

But this is no longer available

Please send a picture or a screenshot showing that.
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Re: Connect with Live_mobile

Postby Niffo » 18 April 2023, 08:35

FYI, we added Android APK download for manual installation : ... =85&t=4552
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