IOS 9 Split Screen Compatability.

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IOS 9 Split Screen Compatability.

Postby olsjames » 24 March 2016, 12:02

Are there any plans to add Compatability to the Live Mobile app for use with split screen multitasking on ipad (specifically iPad Air 2) would be fantastic to run alongside a mixer app!
I have used it running live mobile and dragging the mixer app (master fader 4 in this case, which supports split screen) to 1/3 of the screen swiping left from the right of the screen just to mute effects between songs and make quick level adjustments here and there. But would be great to truly multitask the 2 apps side by side! I understand it's not necessarily developed for ipad, but just wondering really.
Thanks in advance.
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Re: IOS 9 Split Screen Compatability.

Postby support » 24 March 2016, 14:09

Sorry but not in a near future.
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