Live Mobile does not rotate correctly with Oreo

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Live Mobile does not rotate correctly with Oreo

Postby Pink LD » 03 July 2018, 00:43

My Galaxy S7 phone just got the Oreo update and Live Mobile will not rotate correctly. If I turn my phone sideways it will on show the Live page on 2/3rds of the screen left to right, and cuts off the the bottom 1/3rd of the screen. I can't do it now but I can at a later time get screenshots of what Live Mobile is doing after the Oreo update.

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Re: Live Mobile on Android

Postby support » 05 July 2018, 11:19

It looks like there is no Android backward compatibility regarding that, which means we have to recompile a new executable file with the most recent API.
Noted in the ToDo list.
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