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Future Software Feature Suggestions

PostPosted: 24 November 2021, 17:20
by djricoche
Hey All!

Some suggestions for future revisions of the software if I may.

1) The option to have more than 8 panels/groups per page (those of us with larger touch monitors would appreciate this)

2) The ability to choose how many panels we have per page individually (I.E. 8 panels on page one, 6 panels on page 2,) that way we aren't stuck with wasted space or duplicate panels across multiple pages)

3) Have master faders go from 0 - 100 % instead of the current configuration. Right now, half of the fader is useless.

4) Drag and drop configuration of the GUI to reposition buttons, entire panels/groups, etc.

5) Ability to resize buttons manually so each group/panel can be customized.

6) An easy way to purge old/unused fixtures and shows/groups/panels.

Thanks in advance.

I'll post other thoughts/suggestions as they arise.

Re: Future Software Feature Suggestions

PostPosted: 25 November 2021, 08:54
by support