Live - update Macro ; Steps - multi-steps selection

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Live - update Macro ; Steps - multi-steps selection

Postby maxmaroon » 23 May 2017, 16:44

Is there a way or could it be added...

1.) to move a macro or other button from one page to another? If I reconfigure my button pages I have to redo all the macros. Additionally, if I move a steps to a new location the macros will not trigger that scene unless I update the macro. Not a huge deal but would save time when housekeeping.

2.) to add a clipboard like feature to the editor. This is so if you wanted to create a large scene from smaller scenes you could copy the smaller scene step/steps onto a clipboard, open a new scene and then paste the steps from the clipboard into the new scene; then you could clear the clipboard, open another (different) small scene, copy that to the clipboard, and then reopen the new scene and add the second group of clipboard steps to the new scene, ad infinitum!

It seems to me like these additions may be a bit complex to add but I figured I'd throw them out there!
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Re: Question/Suggestion

Postby support » 24 May 2017, 15:23

Thank you for this feedback.

Noted for V9.
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