Merry Christmas :)

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Merry Christmas :)

Postby Lighter007 » 25 December 2014, 21:25

Merry Christmas to everyone! ;)

And to the developers of the software:
On behalf of all the other users I say
THANK YOU very, very much for all you've done this year.
This year the size of the software(s) increased very much; V7 was introduced and many new features were added. Some of the ideas came from us, the forum users, also thanks to you.
And the developers are still working on the new version! Incredible :)
I really hope many new people will find their way to this amazing software and I also hope you will keep developing the software in the future.

Now enjoy the following days, maybe, have a break and then let's have a great new year 2015 with Sweetlight (and ShowXpress) and it's great development team.

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Re: Merry Christmas :)

Postby support » 26 December 2014, 18:31

Thank you !

Thank you also to all the precious posts of the forumers, which help us to improve the software in the right direction.
V7 was effectively a big step in front of V6.
V8 will be also a big step in front of V7.

We apologize if we do not work on several of your requests. This is because we must stay focused on V8, as much as possible (FYI, V8 and V7 have different source code, so each new function we do in V7 must be done a second time in V8).

Merry Christmas !
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Re: Merry Christmas :)

Postby LightningFM » 24 December 2016, 23:15

Well, Merry Christmas to the community and developers of Sweetlight! :D
Keep up the good work on the software, looking forward for a bright 2017!
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