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Report From The Road

Postby Pink LD » 17 August 2012, 07:54

I haven't been on the forum for weeks as I've been gigging hard. The software has worked flawlessly in everything I've thrown at it except I had to reload the drivers once.
Also I have been using the generator a lot more. In one venue I had to redo most of my light plot at the venue due to weather and within an hour on ShowXpress I had built an entire 110 minutes worth of lighting. Sure I cheated a bit and borrowed a number of my pre-built palettes from another show, but hey it did what I needed.
Anyhow, keep up the good work and I'll keep doing what I'm doing, thanks.
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Re: Report From The Road

Postby support » 17 August 2012, 08:51

Thank you for this report.
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