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Feature(s) Requested List

Postby kamikazepyro9 » 22 July 2018, 16:50

Longtime user of ShowXpress. Absolutely love the software for quick and easy shows, live busking, etc. Some things that I would enjoy seeing happen:

1. When Installing software new (or retroactively in preferences/settings), give us the option to redirect the default save point to our own choice of location. (In my case, Google Drive Network Folder since I run the same rig on different computers)

2. Drag and Drop functionality when in Live Scene for re-arranging buttons. I would love to be able to press a button that enables a drag-n-drop style of editing for the Live buttons GUI. As well as the ability to not have all the buttons in a fixed layout. (For instance, Have one large button across the bottom that says strobe, then all my colors and effects above it. )

3. Multiple Client Device/Desk. This one is a long shot, but I would love to see ShowXpress become a contender against ETC and GrandMA Lighting in that I could have several Client devices to one main machine, with the ability to lockdown parameters and access. (Ideally, I would love to be able to give one guy running followspot team access to JUST the followspot controls. Stage Manager on his phone control of JUST the On-Stage Lights etc.)

4. Interface with basic computer controls. If I put my mouse over a channel in steps or a master fader, I would like to be able to use my scroll wheel to move it up or down.

Thanks for such an awesome software!
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Re: Feature(s) Requested List

Postby TimH » 23 July 2018, 00:09

+ 1 for points number 1 and 4!! :)
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Re: Feature(s) Requested List

Postby JohnRichards » 23 July 2018, 08:51

+1 for points 1 and 2
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Re: Feature(s) Requested List

Postby support » 17 August 2018, 15:53

Point #4 done in V9 for the vertical faders in Steps (not the Master Faders).
https://thelightingcontroller.com/viewt ... 439#p23439
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