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How we manage your requests

Postby support » 15 January 2017, 19:07

Each request is noted in a list.
This list contains approximately 200 requests (yes "two hundreds").

We give a rate of importance for each request, which depends of
- our mind (support) of this request
- the interest for all users
- the easiness to implement it in the source code
- the level of compatibility with the concept of our software
- is it so important

Following all above points, we will excute this request or not.

We apologyze in advance if we do not do your request.
We just hope you will now understand more why we do not do it.

Another thing to know
We are able to execute only one new function at a time.
This means each accepted request delays the other improvements.
Please think about that, before adding "+1" in a request topic.

Our answers
"noted" - we read your post ; looks not urgent for us ; waiting to see if other users are interested
"added in ToDo list" - we will do it (it belongs now to the 100 most importants things to do)

The perpetual problem
How to add new functions by keeping the software easiness and backward compatibility.

For each new feature, our time share is roughly
- 10% to understand what to do
- 30% to find a way to add it smoothly in the software (without transforming our software in a labyrinthine system)
- 30% to ensure backward compatibility
- 15% to code it
- 15% to debug it
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