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Computer requirement

Postby support » 18 September 2012, 10:22

Computer requirement for the software

Operating System*: Windows 8 and more
Hardware: processor Core 2 duo (year 2006) ; ram: 2Gb ; screen resolution: 1024*768 pixels
* our software works also on Windows 7, but since Microsoft© stopped their support for it (14th of January 2020), it is very difficult to install the lastest digital encryption certificates which are required to install the usb drivers for our dmx interfaces.

Operating system: 10.12 (Sierra) and more
Hardware: 64bits Intel based Mac computer

FYI, our demo computer is a Macbook 13" (the white color plastic model) from year 2009 with a processor Core 2 Duo.

The video cards and our 3D rendering for 20 fps refresh
cheap video card (embedded on motherboard) - max 8 moving gobos beams
middle price video card ($50) - max 20 moving gobos beams
high price video card ($100) - max 40 moving gobos beams

In case of you have Windows XP or MacOS 32bits, you can use the version 8 of our software.
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