Chauvet - Derby X

ask here the fixture profile you need for Editor

Re: Chauvet - Derby X

Postby fppmedia » 21 February 2019, 02:36

Thank you very much.. As I examined the very thorough value assignments you configured, I could see where I fell short...
One thing I would like to see is a (Dimmer) channel assignment.. Perhaps swapping out one of the color channels.
That looks possible.. I would like your opinion.
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Re: Chauvet - Derby X

Postby TimH » 21 February 2019, 04:16

Hey Mate

You can't choose what channels are in what light. Taking a look at this manual, there is no dimmer channel. The fixture profile (personality file) you create in ShowXpress is merely used to make sure the values in the software reflect the real-life functionality of the light. The personality file support created corresponds exactly to what the values are in the manual
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