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PostPosted: 25 November 2014, 05:39
by RobGoldberg
Hi folks. I am a brand new user of ShowXpress (Version 7). I have everything set up and working great except for a couple of things:

1. I create groups and assign fixtures to the groups. During that session everything works great. Then I export the show. The next time I import the show the fixture assignments to the groups is not correct anymore. Most of the assignments have been lost. What could I be doing wrong?

2. I have some 4BAR TRI lights. They have 4 lights in the fixture and each is an RBG color chooser. I see how I can use the RBG color selector in the software to choose a color but for that fixture it always changes all four lights concurrently. How can I set it up so that I have separate RGB control of each light in the fixture? There are DMX channels for each light. I know I can manually adjust the DMX channels but I want to be able to use the RGB color chooser for each of the lights. Much easier that way.

Previously I was using Luminaire on an iPad and it easily controlled each light in the 4BAR TRI fixture separately.

Thanks. I hope to be using this forum quite a bit

Rob Goldberg
East Bay Digital Sound


PostPosted: 25 November 2014, 06:20
by RobGoldberg
Solved my own problem. I was confusing IMPORT LIGHTSHOW and OPEN LIGHTSHOW. I would keep using IMPORT LIGHTSHOW thinking that would set up the configuration for me. Tonight I saw the OPEN LIGHTSHOW option for the first time (duh) and tried that. Lo and behold there were all my groups with all the fixtures in each group set up the way I wanted them.

One last question though for someone. When I open up OPEN LIGHTSHOW, it displays shows that don't exist any more. How do I delete them?

Thanks ............ Rob


PostPosted: 25 November 2014, 07:06
by RobGoldberg
Never mind again. Was looking in the wrong folder for the shows. UGH, nothing like posting questions and then answering them yourself. Oh well maybe it will help someone else later on.