Sound Active on multiple fixtures

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Sound Active on multiple fixtures

Postby vinnyblanc » 20 July 2017, 19:09

Hi team,

I am running into one issue with the FX Par 9s and I think its just a short-coming of the units, but I figured I would run it by you anyway...

I have a macro setup that puts both fx par 9s (separate dmx channels) into sound active mode and then it random plays through each auto program for about 10 seconds. The only problem is the "sound active" is internal on each unit and will eventually go out of sync if one unit pickups a beat that the other one doesn't. I think the sound active mode is only meant to work for master/slave mode...

Does that make sense? Can you think of anyway to get around this? I don't think putting both units on the same DMX channel would resolve this as they would still pickup their "sound activeness" on each unit independently.
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Re: Sound Active on multiple fixtures

Postby BartKrap » 20 July 2017, 20:41

You are correct, changing the dmx value won't change a thing.

Because of the placing of your fixtures one might pickup a sound while the otherone won't, this will cause the fixutes to go out of sync.
Other than master slave there isn't a solid way to guarantee a sync, but then you won't be able to use dmx...
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