D-Fi with ShowXpress

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D-Fi with ShowXpress

Postby Route66Ride » 13 March 2022, 02:50

Newbie question: I have a couple of PARs that I normally wire DMX to an Xpress 512S. Someone gave me two D-Fi USBs, but how do I control them with ShowXpress on my Windows laptop? Do I need other equipment, or am I not configuring ShowXpress correctly?

Thank you!
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Re: D-Fi with ShowXpress

Postby support » 14 March 2022, 09:01

"D-Fi USBs" is for another kind of lighting controller.
Our software is not compatible with.
The Lighting Controller
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Re: D-Fi with ShowXpress

Postby Robin_D » 14 March 2022, 10:36

You need the D-Fi XLR transceiver or hub. That connects from the dmx line and will then connect to the USB devices you have. Note that the lamp must have a USB port. If you only have the XLR at the lamp end , you need the D-Fi XLR device.

Plugging them into the laptop doesn't help as it's the DD MX Express that creates the DMX signal I believe, not the software in the laptop.
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