Old school LED fixture help

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Old school LED fixture help

Postby SausageRoll » 16 May 2019, 21:01

Hi Team,

Have picked up an LED floodlight style fixture presumably from a film studio background, unable to find any branding to aid my quest, nor even an image online that is exact. Any advice gladly received.

What i Know:
Floodlight LED style fixture - Square Grid of 144 LED's Driver board reads: 480 RGB DRIVER VB (guessing 480w but no brand or anything else useful)
Meanwell Trans - 24v rated to 350w
DMX input ONLY
Man date: 2007
Powering on gets the fans spinning but no lights
No dipswitches located anywhere

What I would like:
Turn the light on without DMX controller to verify working (have no DMX controller)
Ideally, utilize DMX via cheap usb dongle and free SW to adjust colours and brightness

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