4Bar Headaches

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4Bar Headaches

Postby MafiaMan » 05 November 2018, 13:00

I am, admittedly, a novice at this, as I am just now trying to configure my first light show using Showxpress.

I have three 4Bar light racks that I can get to work.....somewhat.

The thing is, I have had NO success at manipulating the speed of the color changes.

I am using the 4Bar USB (15ch) profile, though, the fixtures I have are PRE-USB.

Any help would be appreciated on a correct profile or a direction I could go with this.

Thank you!
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Re: 4Bar Headaches

Postby BartKrap » 08 November 2018, 15:46

Are you making the color changes in the software or are you using the built in programs triggered via dmx?
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