Version 9 beta is ready

please read this before posting

Version 9 beta is ready

Postby support » 29 June 2018, 17:02

The version 9 beta of our software is available,
Please read carefully the text below, before trying V9.

V9 needs new usb drivers to drive our dmx interfaces (for Windows only)
V9 will not find your usb interfaces installed with the existing usb drivers "2017_07".
To allow V9 to find your usb interfaces, you have to update their usb drivers with the new usb driver "2018_…", which are available here: usb drivers for V9
Caution: once your interfaces are declared with the new usb drivers "2018_...", V8 will not find them.
To allow V8 to find again your usb interfaces, you have to select the driver "2017_07" back in the Operating System driver properties window.

If you are not friendly with the Operating System usb drivers process, or if the above explanations are not clear for you, please do not make any driver change on your working computer, and try V9 on a spare computer.

Please note that the software install process will not make any change in your existing usb drivers. This means you can install and run V9, without changing anything between V8 and the usb interfaces. But V9 will not see your usb interface, as long as you keep the old usb drivers in your system.

Remark with the interface « Cable »
V9 finds it even with the driver « 2017 », but we do not guarantee it will work good, so please update also its driver to version « 2018 ». Unlike the other interfaces, V8 is able to use this interface with the driver « 2018 ».

For the question: « why we have to update the usb drivers for V9 ? »
The answer is: « we have no other choice, in order to offer 32bits and 64bits natives EXE files + the fast plug/replug/plug on the fly feature»

Computer requirement
Windows: V9 is not able to drive the dmx interfaces with Windows XP and Windows Vista. However the software works (without interfaces) on these two OS.
MacOS: there is no 32bits V9 software for MacOS.

Lightshows compatibility
V9 reads V8 lightshows.
But V8 may not read V9 lightshows.
This is why we eagerly encourage you to make a backup of your lightshows and stored them in a safe place (not in the software lightshow folder).

If all above is clear for you, you are welcome to download and try V9 beta and leave your feedback in the forum.

MacOS (64bits)
ShowXpress for MacOS
QuickDmx for MacOS
SweetLight for MacOS

Windows (64bits)
ShowXpress for Windows 64bits
QuickDmx for Windows 64bits
SweetLight for Windows 64bits

Windows (32bits)
ShowXpress for Windows 32bits
QuickDmx for Windows 32bits
SweetLight for Windows 32bits

The news are in this document: V9 news

You will find here some lightshows illustrating the major news: http://download.TheLightingController.c ... lightshows
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Re: Version 9 beta is ready

Postby support » 07 July 2018, 11:34

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