Firmware Upgrade

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Re: Firmware Upgrade

Postby supermercer » 14 July 2019, 00:41

I meant to say ...has there ever been a firmware upgrade for a 512? If so maybe this can help me. In the comments above it looks like help was provided.
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Re: Firmware Upgrade

Postby Bob_be » 14 July 2019, 03:06

What is the DMX address you are using for the 30 Channel DMX Decoder? I saw in one of your posts your using a dongle. I might be wrong, but I think the dongle has a max of 100 DMX channels.
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Re: Firmware Upgrade

Postby SeekLighting » 14 July 2019, 06:00

A firmware update won't help. The issue you're experiencing is an issue with a discrepancy between the DMX refresh rate of the D512 and the decoder. A lot of cheaper Chinese decoders work on a different refresh rate which is not compatible with the D512.

As Support stated in the other thread, the newer interfaces (D512S and D1024) have a faster refresh rate and should be fine.
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