DMX input and V9

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DMX input and V9

Postby genlitepro » 08 March 2020, 00:39

I have just installed a "new" pc for lighting control in my church. I am running windows 10 and using V9.2.10. I have also installed the latest drivers for V9. I am running 2 universes, with the BOX on U1, and a D512 on U2 Everything works fine, except the DMX in no longer works. I have patched the dmx using the new settings in editor-fixtures, and all seems to fine, but there is no response when I move the dmx faders. any ideas on what to look for, or is the "box" just to obsolete for this feature to work?
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Postby support » 08 March 2020, 19:49

Yes, V9 is not able to manage the dmx inputs of this interface.
Sorry for that.
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