Life Cycle of D512

usb to dmx (2009 - 2019)

Life Cycle of D512

Postby ryvanz » 10 April 2020, 02:10

Hey there,

I noticed that on the interfaces page, it says (2009-2019) beside D512. Do you plan to continue support for this interface for the next version of the software? Or will support end?
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Re: Life Cycle of D512

Postby support » 10 April 2020, 09:12

These dates mention the period this interface was on sales.

The compatibility of our software with all our dmx interfaces is unlimited, as long as the computer technology allows it.

For instance, the interface "Box" (2003 - 2010) still works with V9, BUT this interface sometimes has problems with recent computers because of the usb technology of their motherboard, which is beyond our control.
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