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ShowXPress 512 DMX Signal to

Postby troy bullock » 18 June 2018, 21:35

I just purchased the ShowXpress last week and Im having a small issue with it to which I have tried just about everything I can think of. Im not a novice tech, Ive been running DMX lighting for years and have never encountered the problem I'm experiencing.

My rig runs about 14 Par 64's, a 6spot, ColorPix, some Flat Pars, Hurricane 4D, some 4 color Lasers and 10-10Wrgbw Mini LED motion spots. The only lights on the DMX chain to not receive a DMX signal. There are 4 Pars in the DMX chain before these lights that receive a signal, uninterrupted and work just fine as do the other lights and lasers within the chain. Its not the profile created, yes the dmx is selected, no its not the high end DMX cables I use all have been tested, no there isn't any loose connections, yes all lights are MODED to 13 Channel and are properly functioning....all 10 DO NOT RECEIVE a signal but every other light does. Yes Ive put the light on a dmx cable by itself and still no signal so its not a weakened signal due to DMX length 8-) The light IS generic but you had a profile created that pretty much was in line just needed minor changes. Like I have said the profile isn't the problem because every other light on the chain's little flashing red dot flashes even without a profile. A DMX Data signal out or source doesn't need a profile either it has it or it doesn't. I have also connected these lights to other lighting controllers and interfaces and they work fine.

Need to know if this software has this same issue with other lighting as I have searched a lot of the forums and haven't seen a fix or even a post stating that some lights are working and others are not. Thanks
troy bullock
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Re: ShowXPress 512 DMX Signal to

Postby TimH » 19 June 2018, 00:35

Hey mate,

Looks like you've done a pretty good job troubleshooting already. The only thing I can think of (because I have experienced this before) is that it's the number of fixtures in the chain. The D512 does not output a very strong signal compared to other DMX products. I always plug into an optical isolator/splitter before going to the rest of my universe to boost the signal. It sounds like though you have already tried running the light by itself with nothing else plugged in? (If I'm not mistaken).
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