"Digital Signature" problem

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"Digital Signature" problem

Postby support » 07 March 2016, 10:06

First thing to know
Our usb drivers are now automatically installed via Microsoft Update (https://thelightingcontroller.com/viewt ... f=7&t=5158).

Digital Signature encryption
Years after years, Microsoft reinforces the digital signature control for the usb drivers. They recently changed the digital signature encryption algorithm for the latest Windows 10 version. Our drivers have been obviously re-signed using this new encryption algorithm. So now:
- our drivers are suitable with the latest Windows 10 OS
- our drivers are no more compatible with an old Windows version, which is not up to date
Microsoft says: "after a complete OS update, your old OS (Windows 7 or later) will be able to read the recent Windows 10 mandatory digital signature encryption algorithm"
This means your OS must be 100% up to date, in order to read the digital signature of our usb drivers.
Cf: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/securi ... 14/2949927
We are sorry for those who, for an obscure reason ;) , can not update their OS.

Digital Signature period of validity
The digital signature is valid for two years only. We must re-sign for a new signature every two years. And then we have to update all files (main software and drivers.zip). So if you install an old software version, the digital signature of the included auto-installed driver might be outdated.

Major OS upgrade
The following problem can happen: some years ago, you installed our software and there was no problem with the drivers, and now you proceed to a major OS upgrade.
Please note that, for a while, after this process the OS forgets the installed drivers, but the driver files are still in the system. The result is the OS tries to re-install the driver from the existing files (with an outdated signature).

How to fix this
Please note that it is very difficult to force the OS to ignore all existing driver files, and to replace them by the new ones.
Unfortunately, in most of the cases, a new software installation (with recent signed drivers) does not fix the problem, because the Operating System will not replace the outdated driver files which are stored deep in the system. So you have to make a manual driver installation.
Please follow this post to make a manual driver installation: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2111
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