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Led flicker

PostPosted: 08 September 2011, 14:00
by support
During a couple of months, China produced led lights with some problems in the dmx receiver part (thousands of units).
Their dmx receiver circuitry is not 100% dmx compliant, because it does not accept fast dmx signal timing.
This gives led flicker with interfaces Cable, D512 (firmware 1.05 and below), Remote (firmware 1.05 and below).

In order to make these "non 100% dmx compliant" led lights, we released a new firmware (1.06) for interfaces D512 and Remote. This recent firmware add some delay in the signal, so the Chinese lights do not flick anymore.

Regarding interface Cable, we can not fix that from our side, since this interface is just a usb to dmx converter (no embedded intelligent processor). Please note that this problem exists with all existing usb to dmx converters (some competitors have a similar interface and they meet the same problem).

Reminder: the dmx signal of interface Cable is 100% dmx compliant.

There is usually no flicker with traditional dmx desks because their dmx signal is not so fast.