Gobo Rotation speed inverted in 3D

graphic representation in 3 dimensions

Gobo Rotation speed inverted in 3D

Postby Pitwipe » 28 April 2019, 06:30

Chauvet Q-Spot 150 (NOT LED - uses bulb) Older fixture

User manual: http://www.chauvetlighting.co.uk/produc ... 150_UM.PDF
Personality file attached. I've also attached the scene. (Had to change the file extension to .txt in order to attach to post)

Looking at the user manual the gobo section in the DMX chart has the following:

Gobo Rotation & Indexing
000 - 127 Gobo Index
128 - 189 Clockwise gobo rotation: Fast > Slow
190 - 193 No Rotation
194 - 255 Counter clockwise gobo rotation: Slow > Fast

For CW rotation, the values increment from 128-189 and the rotation is FAST-TO-SLOW
For CCW rotation, the values increment from 194-255 but the rotation changes direction to SLOW-TO-FAST.

I'm using a 2-step scene (step 1=slow, step 2=fast) with a value fader on the scene button set to 2% and in the real world the gobos on both fixtures rotate at the same slow speed but in the 3D environment one is very fast and one is slow. I'm guessing the 3D environment is expecting the gobo speed to adjust in the same direction as the numbers increment. (Both FAST-TO-SLOW or SLOW-TO-FAST)

Is there a way to correct/invert this so the 3D environment responds appropriately?
Had to change extension to .txt as .scex is now allowed.
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Re: Gobo Rotation speed inverted in 3D

Postby support » 28 April 2019, 10:29

We understand the problem.
But the code is presently not able to manage "fast > slow gobo rotate" when increasing the fader value.
Sorry we can not fix that easlily.
But we take note of this.
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