Freedom Sticks not showing in 3DView

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Freedom Sticks not showing in 3DView

Postby jmilkey » 01 April 2019, 03:53

Hey Guys and Gals,
All my fixtures are showing up in 3DView except my Freedom sticks.
I went into the fixture area and went into edit mode for the Freedom Sticks and sure enough the 3D view was set to not in 3D View...
OK so I go into the drop down and there is basically 3 choices, a moving head, a mirror scan or a par can. None of these describe a Freedom Stick LED Stick...
I picked Par Can and now all the Freedom Sticks show up in the 3DView.

Is this intended behaviour because its impossible to recreate what a Freedom Stick does in 3DView?

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Re: Freedom Sticks not showing in 3DView

Postby support » 01 April 2019, 07:44

Sorry but it is not posible to show this fixture in 3DView ( ... f=13&t=668).
We suggest you to use "Pixels" to program it.
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