If you see graphical glitches

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If you see graphical glitches

Postby support » 05 October 2018, 14:48

The first thing to know is 99% of the existing 3D software do not talk directly to the video card.
These software use an API.
This is the case of our software.
3DView uses the API OpenGL.
OpenGL is the most well known multi-platform API for video cards.

By default, 3DView (V9) uses OpenGL 3.2+.
OpenGL 3.2+ is pretty new, so it requires recent drivers for your video card.

If you see some graphical glitches in the 3DView rendering, the first thing to do is to update the driver of your video card. And then they are two solutions:
1. the driver update fixes the problem (this is 99% of the cases)
2. the driver update does not fix the problem. This means your video card has problems with the OpenGL 3.2+ functions which are used by 3DView (this is very rare, but this may happen). When this happen, you have no other choice than to force 3DView to use the older OpenGL API. To do that, open the menu "3D settings" and check the option "OpenGL compatibility mode".
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