Rules to respect to import external 3D objects

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Rules to respect to import external 3D objects

Postby support » 17 December 2014, 17:38

You can create you own 3D objects with a 3D software (sketchup, Autocad, ...), and use them in 3DView, with some rules to respect:

1. origin
Create the objet around the (x=0; y=0; z=0) point

2. scale
In 3DView, 1 unit makes 1 meter (around 3,3 feet), but this might be different in your 3D software.
So the easiest is to make some tests: you save your OBJ file with different sizes, you watch the result in 3DView, and you chose the best size one.

3. size
Unlike 3D object creation software, 3DView has to make one view refresh per fixture's beam, and all of this 20 times per second. With for instance 10 moving lights, the program has to refresh the view (10*20) = 200 times per second.
This is why 3DView can handle a few hundreds of KB objects, but not thousands of KB object.
For instance, the "man" 3D object in our software is only around 100KB.

If you respect the above rules, you can copy/paste the OBJ file in one of the sub-folders in "../YourSoftware/3DView/other/". And you can import it from the "Objects setting" menu.
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