Multi Color LED Beam Fixture how to

graphic representation in 3 dimensions

Multi Color LED Beam Fixture how to

Postby eedetail » 06 December 2012, 19:16

I have been rebuilding my base show and thought I would play with 3d for a while.
I wanted to simulate a multibeam led fixture, like the Aggressor.
I created several fixtures in setup with a single dimmer channel, each with a different color;
5 degree beam angle and 60w led.
(Use one color per channel)
In setup, have several clones of each fixture.
For the fixture that I control with DMX, i used channel 18, for the other two colors I used
"dummy" channels - 510 and 511, figuring I wouldnt need those channels for real.
In 3d view, place all fixtures at the same place, but with different beam direction.
Attached graphic is the result.
multibeam.jpg (34.49 KiB) Viewed 24547 times
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Re: Multi Color LED Beam Fixture how to

Postby support » 06 December 2012, 22:02

Nice job !
Thank you for this picture.
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