Lasers simulation in 3DView

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Lasers simulation in 3DView

Postby dkumpula » 06 March 2012, 21:05

3DView is not able to show real lasers. Here is how you can simultate them.

You can define your lasers in Setup as Parcan fixtures. You probably will want to define them with a relatively high power to ensure that you can see them (e.g. 30W) and with a beam angle which represents what display range the laser has (e.g. 30 degrees). If you have a channel defined for Shutter, you can see if its on or off. Adding a color channel allows you to see which laser color is on as well. If your device doesn't have a "shutter" function (on/off) function, a simple color channel will turn the device on/off in 3D. Of course you don't get the associated patterns this way, but I've found it helpful to at least know if the device will be on or not and the associated color when playing timelines / scenes.

3DView of Lasers.jpg
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